How to Add a Listing?

1. Login to your Admin Dashboard

2. Click Listings menu in the left column of your Admin Dashboard

3. Click Add New button

4. Provide listing Title. It will be displayed to users when they open listing details or search it on Google, Yahoo! etc. You can use their property address or something to highlight your listing, e.g. “Beautiful home for a big family!”

Once a listing gets a title, your website will automatically create a unique mnemonic link for your it. The link is located right below the title. You may copy it and use in pages, posts or other listings to redirect users to this listing.

5. Make sure your description editor is in Visual mode. It will give you more formatting options and provide access to additional features, like external links or video integration.

6. Property remarks. If you have a YouTube video for your listing you can uploaded here. See how to add YouTube videos to listing.

In this section you can also add files, (inspections, reports, etc..) , see how to add files to listing.

Review description sample for more info.

7. Configure Listing Details. Status dropdown let’s you choose “On Sale” or “Coming Soon” status. If you choose “Coming Soon” the system will display “Coming Soon” banner across your featured image. You may change this default text to whatever else you like.

The rest of the parameters are not mandatory, so configure whatever is available.

8. Add images to your listing. Upload as many as you like, the system will display them all on property details page as a slideshow. Please note, to add several images at once select first image from the Media library, then hold “Shift” key down on your keyboard and then select the last image you would like to add. The system will select all in between.

Check How to Upload Images? for more info on how to add images to your Media library.

9. Set featured image for your property (see How to Upload Images?). This image will show on the Listings page as the main picture for your listing. If you do not set the featured image, the system will use the first uploaded picture from Gallery Images.

Don’t forget to add this image to the Gallery (see below). Otherwise, the image may not show in Listings page.

10. Type of sale selector (“I offer it for…”). Choose your type of sale:

a. Online bidding (used for Online Auctions and homebids)

Ends on – choose the end date and time of the auction.

Pricing Options – the starting bid of your auction.

Reserve price – the minimum price at what the seller is willing to sell their property.

b. Traditional sale

This is a traditional real estate type of sale, where the system will allow you to receive and negotiate offers online paperless.

Sale Price – listing price.

Show Offers – if you choose this option, your buyers will be able to see each other offers. Use this option if you like to make your sale more transparent for your buyers.

c. Rent

Choose this option if you offer your property for rent.

Monthly rent – monthly rental fee for you property.

11. Scroll back to the top and click Publish button to make your listing live. Alternatively you may save it as a draft by clicking respective button. In this case the listing will not be published, so you may come back and publish it later.