How to Add a Page to Menu?

1. To add or edit menu items roll your mouse over Appearance item in the main menu at the left (you may need to scroll down to find it) and then select Menus from the menu.

2. Select the menu you would like to edit. Menu location is specified in parenthesis. You have to click button Select to apply the selection.

3. Choose the page you would like to add. Note, there are three options to choose from. If you just have added or edited a page it will appear in Most Recent. You can see all your pages in View All. Finally, if you have a lot of pages or can’t find the one you need, you may use Search tab.

4. Select pages you would like to add. You may select several pages and add them all at once.

5. Click Add to Menu button. This will add selected pages to the bottom of Menu Structure.

6. You may re-arrange items in the menu by dragging them up and down. Dragging them right, creates submenus, e.g. a drop down when user selects the top level menu.

7. Finally, click Save Menu button to publish your changes.