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Frances Carlo asked 4 years ago

Hi There,
First off I took the Homebids certification course. I noticed my Bre# you have posted under my picture is not correct and when I click on the contact button it just throws me to a map. Not even in my area? Can you fix that please Correct BRE# 02004102
ALSO: I have a interested Homebids seller. His Home is value is in the low $900’s He was considering Redfin because of the lower commission payout when I suggested Homebids. Questions I need to have answered are:
1-How does Home Bids make money (what side pays)?
2-Any upfront fee to seller? If I charge seller 3% (better than Redfin) is that where my commission comes in? Do u get part of that?
3-How do I the agent make money?
4-What is a good starting bid price?
Sorry for so many questions but I love the idea and would really like to take off with it. I do fairly well with specific targeted social media ads and I think I can market this really well.
If we put the premium on the buyers side