No. You can counter or reject. You should discuss strategy with your homebids certified agent.
Yes. Selling a home is a complex transaction. Having a homebids certified agent will help you get to the finish line.
That’s up to you if you decide to accept what buyers feel the home is worth.
Buyers pay a premium above the highest bid (which is common for bidding platforms). With homebids the most popular option is for buyer to pay half of the commission plus 0.5% fee to homebids added to a winning bid. Seller pays the other half of the commission. Total commission plus 0.5% fee to homebids is paid from the selling price at close of escrow.
Yes you can select a homebids Certified Agent who is specially trained to provide you full service.
No. Your homebids certified agent will use the standard real estate approved forms they normally use.
Auctions typically refer to distressed properties. homebids is a platform for all types of properties including luxury.
If you want to have less disruption in your schedule, accelerate the pace of selling your home typically in 8 days through our maximum exposure techniques and have multiple offers, then sell on the homebids platform.
Yes you can, however we don’t recommend it. Your homebids certified agent can help explain why.
Yes we have transparency so you know what other buyers are bidding.
Click the "Bid Now" button and follow the Registration Approval process. There are two approval options: 1. Request manual approval from the listing agent. 2. Use credit card for identification purposes and instant approval. Also your agent can get approved and bid on your behalf as well.
Yes. Buying a home is a complex transaction. Having an agent will help you get to the finish line.
No. You don’t have to be homebids Certified if you are a real estate agent and wish to bid for your client.
Yes. You can bid the maximum you are willing to offer for this property. The system is designed to raise your bid in increments only as high as necessary to overbid others and only up to your maximum. Example: If current bid is $100,000 and you bid $150,000, you will become the highest bidder, but the system will raise currnet bid only to $101,000. If someone bids $102,000, the system will automatically increase your bid to $103,000 and keep you the highest bidder. If someone places a higher bid, say $120,000, the system will automatically increase your bid to $121,000 and so on. However, if someone places a bid of $151,000 or greater, they will overbid your maximum and become the highest bidder as the system will no longer increase your bid. The system will notify you of all changes via email.
It allows you to not be blinded in the bidding process giving you the opportunity to see what other buyers are bidding for the same property.
Buyer’s Premium is a percentage fee paid by the Buyer. The amount of the Buyer’s Premium will be added on top of the winning bid which shall establish the final sales price. Winning Bid + Buyer’s Premium = Sales Price
No. Just standard contracts your agent already uses.
You will be alerted through email or by watching the bidding process on the listing website.
No, there is no reserve or buy now price. Seller reserves the right to accept, counter or reject any bids.
Contact us at info@homebids.com or use our contact form.
Absolutely not. Having an agent as a representative for each party is extremely important. We are agent centric!
As part of a bidding strategy you start at a low starting bid price and allow market forces to determine what the highest bid will be. It creates interest and momentum.
Normal can be slow, boring and painful. Why not accelerate the pace providing less disruption. Sell more homes in a shorter amount of time.
It’s really a matter of being honest. It’s also a matter of being effective and efficient with your clients.
Contact us at info@homebids.com or use our contact form.
You will be paid just like you normally are in a typical real estate transaction.
No, you use standard real estate contracts.
Not necessarily. You still have to provide the Listing agent the terms of the offer.
Not necessarily. It is up to the seller and their agent.
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