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Every real estate brokerage shares the same goals: To attract high-closing agents, enjoy record-shattering transactions, and naturally become the most successful real estate office in your area.

Is it possible that a revolutionary real estate website can deliver each of these goals? It’s not only possible, it’s happening all across the country.

With our broker solution we can show you how our 4 R's can be the game changer for your real estate brokerage!!

R: Recruit Want to draw agents to join your office?

R: Retain Want to keep those producing agents you already have?

R: Referrals Want to significantly increase your bottom line with referrals ?

R: Revenue. Want to have additional revenue on each closed transaction you never had before ?

Call us today and we can help you transform your business!

This is completely different than anything you are doing now and you can get started immediately!

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homebids WordPress Office Websites can introduce an entirely new revenue stream to your office. Approximately 40% of real estate transactions today are auctions. If your office is overlooking this cash cow, homebids online real estate auction service is a powerful, yet simple place to get started.

Because homebids makes it so easy to succeed through online real estate services, online property rentals, and online auctions, your office will be poised for growth no matter the market conditions.
homebids is a name REALTORS are starting to know and appreciate. And once they understand how the website’s vast tools will make agents more productive, more valuable to their clients, and more likely to close more sales… your area’s best agents will be leaving other offices to work at your office.

Refund Policy – All setup fees are nonrefundable as it is applied to cost immediately incurred by.
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