WordPress Real Estate Design

WordPress is one of the best website platforms that offers an almost perfect website framework for SEO. WordPress started as a blogging software, which of course it is, but it has grown up from a great blogging tool, to a full Content Management System, CMS. WordPress is probably the most powerful blogging and website content […]

Real Estate Website Design Is Evolving

Design trends are evolving in the real estate and real estate auction industry. These trends include: Responsive design (design with mobile in mind) Clean/simple layouts – Your site design should cater to all types of users, including less tech-savvy ones. Avoid complicated menus and navigation Header considerations: Logo (name/tagline); Clean simple navigation; Contact info (phone/contact) […]

Those Disgusting Real Estate Auctions

Check out the video: we HATE auctions! Here are 5 reasons why auctions are BAD: 1. Auction are for distressed properties 2. Buyers don’t like auctions 3. The bidding process is discouraging for serious buyers 4. Auctions sell at lower price 5. You have to chant and it looks AWFUL!

Online Real Estate Auctions

Many real estate agents attribute auctions with foreclosures or depressed properties. Truth is, many real estate transactions today are done through auctions. And the large majority of those properties bring full value. Today, online auctions are quickly replacing live auctions. And because online auctions through the homebids websites offer open competitive bidding, it is one […]